I was born in Madrid, but I have been living in Mallorca for twenty-six years. My passion for photography goes back to my youth. Since then, I have always practiced photography, more or less regularly according to the availability of time. Even though it is true that I like taking any kind of picture, during the past years I have focused more attention on nature photography in both a practical perspective and in a theoretical one. In this sense, it has been basic for me to be part of Fotosenderos ©, a group of friends keen on photography that organizes walks and exchanges of information and ideas that make us to enjoy even more our passion and advance to a more personal style. 


I am member of the Spanish Nature Photography Association (AEFONA) and of the Balearic Islands Nature Photography Association (AFONIB), with which I have participated in some group and local exhibits. 


In 2012 I ended up as a finalist of the of the vegetal macrophotography category within the 1st Edition of the Naturforo Award. 


Some of my pictures have been published in magazines like IRIS, Agenda LNH and Super Foto Digital, and have also concurred in the group exhibit “Fotógrafos Solidarios” doing charity for “Projecte Home Balears”.

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